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    Jeepney Media

    I’m John Corrales, a photographer and videographer based in Schuylkill County, PA, and I founded Jeepney Media in 2020. You may be wondering, “What’s a jeepney?” A jeepney is an ostentatiously decorated taxi modified from the remains of WWII-era American jeeps that were left in the Philippines after the war. Think of a hollowed-out minibus with bench seating along its walls (gotta maximize that passenger load). I first climbed into a jeepney when I was five, and I fell in love instantly with her dizzying energy of stained glass, chrome, exhaust, and neon paint. I came under the spell and charm of Manila thanks to that first jeepney ride. I knelt on her bench, crossed my arms on her window, and marveled at Manila passing through the smog.

    When I was thinking of what to name this company, I returned to my infatuation with jeepneys. The more I thought about them, the more they seemed to explain what I wanted to do, which was use my love for photography and videography to drive business where they needed to go.

    I hope what you see here might reignite your passion to drive your business further. Thanks for stopping by!